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    1. Cynthia R Correa avatar

      METALLICA, LINKIN PARK and DEFTONES are among the confirmed bands for the inaugural United States edition of the Rock In Rio festival, set to take place on May 8-9, 2015 and May 15-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will feature six stages and unique lineups for each of the four days. The announcement was unveiled as Rio de Janeiro and Las Vegas met in Times Square, the crossroads of...

    2. Jasmine_Beltran avatar

      Music is there when you most need somebody .

    3. Lone Wolf99 avatar

      Im a newwbie on the site but i just love Linkin Park! i do hav a ? wat r the points 4?

    4. Eninone avatar

      No doubt music is an important part of life. Everyman listens music according to his/her feelings or experience. How many we listen all types (genres) of songs?(Y/N) [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popular_music_genres ] Does music affect our mood or we affect music? is debatable. But it is best to have a taste of all kinds of genres. As it will broaden or energize our mind and...

    5. chicarockeralp4 avatar

      mi nombre es andrea garces roble soy de chile y soy una super fanatica de linkin park y tengo dos años menoos que trece jaja bye bye

    6. Timmo_Marto avatar

      Everyone has a song that sticks out of all the others. A song that you will always look for, a song that speaks to you on an emotional level or a song that will always make you cry. My favorite song is Robot Boy. Because, there was a time when i had so much going on in my life, nothing went right, i didn't know what to do and how my life would become. And then i listened to this song and...

    7. Anurag avatar

      Is it just me or anyone else who thinks previous version of LP site was better?

    8. Yair avatar

      'm Yair Romero and I am from Argentina, Argentina needs to come, I need to come this year. Linkin Park please come to Argentina, I think we all need to come, I need to hear his beautiful music. Thank you for providing such beautiful music they make for us. Yair A. Romero.

    9. herdario95 avatar

      Hi! My Name is Hernán Coronel from Quito,Ecuador. I write this because in my country loves Linkin Park and never come to this country. please come to Ecuador, its a great country and we need to come to ecuador that be the most bigger thing than can happened for and for a lot of people who love your music and see alive can be a dream come true.

    10. Skittlez avatar

      Yes it seems the bots have found us. Please be patient as we tackle the spam problem. IF they are spamming your profile please let us know.