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    1. Anurag avatar

      Is it just me or anyone else who thinks previous version of LP site was better?

    2. Yair avatar

      'm Yair Romero and I am from Argentina, Argentina needs to come, I need to come this year. Linkin Park please come to Argentina, I think we all need to come, I need to hear his beautiful music. Thank you for providing such beautiful music they make for us. Yair A. Romero.

    3. herdario95 avatar

      Hi! My Name is Hernán Coronel from Quito,Ecuador. I write this because in my country loves Linkin Park and never come to this country. please come to Ecuador, its a great country and we need to come to ecuador that be the most bigger thing than can happened for and for a lot of people who love your music and see alive can be a dream come true.

    4. Skittlez avatar

      Yes it seems the bots have found us. Please be patient as we tackle the spam problem. IF they are spamming your profile please let us know.

    5. Sajan Thomas avatar

      should marijuana be legalised

    6. Eninone avatar

      Some of the Best Songs .... "The little things give you away" "Shadow the day" "Iridescent" “Leave Out All the Rest” "Robot boy" "Numb" "New divide" "Burning in the skies" "Until it's gone" "Final masquerade" "Powerless" "Burn it down" "From the inside" "Lost in the echo" "Waiting for the end" "Somewhere I belong" "What I've done" "A light that never...

    7. Kellers avatar

      I just went to the first LP concert in Tinley Park with AFI and 30 seconds to mars and it was amazing! I could barley believe I was really there finally. It made me realize why I've been a fan for all these years and ready for the next show near Chicago! :)

    8. LPCOMMUNITY avatar

      By Elizabeth Yardley Pennridge High School The venue went dark and people all around began to scream in anticipation, the lights flashed up into the crowd and everyone went ballistic. Linkin Park was finally playing. Linkin Park has been one of my favorite bands for many years. My family first started listening to the group when we heard the premiere of “Shadow of...

    9. lostek815 avatar

      My tickets for show in Berlin on November 19th! I'm going to a concert with my girlfriend and I hope we both get to Meet & Greet. Can't wait, awww! :3

    10. yaone makoto avatar

      HELLO EVERYONE I have a suggestion for you , I think it may please you: Why don't you display your personality type on your profiles. NOTE: If you don't know your type, you can take the test here: http://www.ipersonic.com/test.html Thanks.