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    Posted by LPU HQ at 10:43 AM 9 Comments

    Check out this LPU 15 Trailer created by LPU Members Jack Collin + Jamie Stenning from the UK. Thank...

  2. LPU Giveaway - May

    Posted by LPU HQ at 11:57 AM 8 Comments

    This month's LPU Giveaway is a Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Turntable Mat. Sign up to win here ....

  3. A new LPU Exclusive video is now live. Check it out here .

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  1. Untouchable

    Posted by Simply_Me at 5:35 AM 1 Comments

    Invisible, Untouchable; No one, And nothing at the same, Present in its absence, Present...

  2. Hi Soldierss..... Long time i never had write the blog... so i wanna update...here we goo......

  3. In my last blog, I explained why I loved writing and how Mike has been an amazing inspiration on my...

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