1. Rediscover LPTV on YouTube, now organized by season from 2003 - 2015. Watch from the beginning now here .
  2. "GRR (1999 DEMO)" is the fourth of six free tracks available for download bi-monthly exclusively to LPU members. Head over to the LPU Store to  download it for free. Watch Mike give you some history behind "GRR (1999 DEMO)" in this new Track By Track episode  here . You must be a current LPU member to access this exclusive download. If your LPU membership is about to expire make sure to  renew...
  3. A reissue of Reanimation and Living Things vinyls are now available on  Amazon  and at your local record store. Find your nearest record store location at .
  4.   Messing around with our 360 camera today. If you're viewing this on your phone, move your device to look around the room. If you're viewing on your computer, click and drag on the image - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
  5. On April 29th 2016, Rob, Phoenix, and professional surfers Koa Smith and Koa Rothman, visited Magdalena Bay in Mexico's Baja Peninsula to see firsthand the Mangroves conservation project Music for Relief launched one year ago.   Learn more about Music for Relief's Mangroves conservation project:    
  6. May. 26, 2016

    Watch Studio Update #4

    Hey everyone, Rather than writing you an update this time, we decided to let this video do the talking! -Mike

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