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Linkin Park prides itself in the creation of lifestyle products that are natural extensions of Linkin Park’s music. each product is created with special attention to detail and produced in limited quantities.

These partnerships are built from shared brand values and mutual respect in design.


Unisex, 100% cotton long sleeve white and black tees designed and produced by The Seventh Letter. This shirt features a bold combination of The Seventh Letter and Linkin Park logos on the front, back and sleeves and lyrics from “In The End” across the back. The XVLP logo on the back and Hybrid Theory logo on the front are 3M reflective printing so they will reflect when a light source is aimed at the print. Only 150 of each colorway produced.


Unisex, nylon coaches jacket with front-snap closure designed and produced by The Hundreds. This black lightweight windbreaker features custom black patches on the front, with printed logos and details on the back, side and sleeves that celebrate the release of the album on 10.24.00. Only 150 units produced.


Unisex, navy and black hooded fleece-style jacket designed and produced by RVCA. This jacket features custom-designed RVCA and Linkin Park patches on the front and side, along with the RVCA triangle logo printed on the sleeve. The back of the jacket is embroidered with the official XVLP logo, including the LP street soldier and six marks to represent each of the partners in the XVLP collection. Only 150 units produced.


Unisex, 100% cotton short-sleeve tee offered in both black and white, designed and produced by CLOT featuring special mashup versions of the signature CLOT and Linkin Park logos on the front, back and sleeve. Also features small accents and details that are traditional for the CLOT brand. Only 75 of each colorway produced.


Unisex, 100% cotton tee and hooded sweatshirt designed and produced by Brooklyn Projects. These athletic gray and black pieces feature Brooklyn Projects’ exclusive reimagined street soldier in fighting form on the back, and at-ease on the front. Front pocket-style hit also includes Brooklyn Projects and Linkin Park logos with “15” in the center to mark the 15 year anniversary. A total of 150 shirts and 150 hooded sweatshirts produced.


Unisex, 100% cotton short-sleeve tee, designed and produced by A Bathing Ape. Featuring a hybrid of the signature B.A.P.E. logo and the iconic Linkin Park street soldier on the front, and additional logo hits from both on the back. Only 150 units produced.

Toon Workshop

The very first release under the toon WORKSHOP label - a line of lifestyle products brought to you by Good Smile Company and Mr. Hahn.

Check out the THP-01 headphones here.

Mike Shinoda X Bamford

This timepiece is a Super Matte black Rolex Daytona with MGTC (military grade titanium coating) featuring custom artwork — a tiny skull from Mike's Glorious Excess (Dies) exhibition. Mike and Linkin Park have been expanding the boundaries of their wearable releases — making some even more ubiquitous and easily accessible, and others distinctly limited and aspirational. In the range of our offerings, this timepiece sets a new bar for the latter. It is, of course, not something our average fan can buy. For most, it exists as an idea, a wearable piece of art. For the limited few that are interested in purchasing one, head over to Bamford Watch Department’s site HERE.

To see paintings from the inspiration of this timepiece, see Mike's GLORIOUS EXCESS art HERE.

LINKIN PARK x Infinity by Harman

Linkin Park collaborated with Infinity to create the Infinity One portable speaker. This speaker marks Infinity's first step into the portable speaker space. The Infinity One boasts audio clarity and portability, allowing 10 hours of playback. It uses four 1.75-inch angled drivers, two tuned passive radiators at the end and a 25-watt amplifier to push sound out of the ceramic-coated aluminum chassis. The speaker also allows for the user to charge other devices, take phone calls via the built in microphone, and is water resistant due to it's silicon sealants. The Infinity One speaker debuted at CES 2014 with a special press conference, live show and speaker art piece. The speaker won a Red Dot Product Design award.

Chester Bennington x Porsche Design

Porsche Design partners with Chester Bennington to create a limited six piece capsule collection. The collection includes six pieces for the brand’s men’s store: two t-shirts, a pair of skinny jeans, a leather weekender bag, leather jacket, sunglasses and lace up boots.


In collaboration with snowboard brand 686, Mike Shinoda created a limited edition cut-n-sew parka jacket. The textile pattern is a custom design of Shinoda’s own camouflage print. Details include water repellant fabrication, seam sealed zippers, and embroidered artwork on interior of jacket.

The limited edition parka was produced in an edition of only 175. A portion of the proceeds from the jacket was donated to Music For Relief, a non-profit organization comprised of musicians and fans working together to support natural disaster relief, reduce global warming and create positive change.

LINKIN PARK x Transformers

The Linkin Park Soundwave Transformers Special Edition Action Figure is in the “Generation 1” style of the fan favorite Soundwave Transformers character, featuring a yellow gold treatment and is packaged in a unique cassette tape-inspired box. The set includes the Decepticon spy minions Ravage, Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw and Ratbat which take the alternative form of a microcassette stored within Soundwave’s tape compartment.


Linkin Park designed the “Jungle Boot” with Sebago for their touring crew. Designed on a Vibram sole with LP logo mark debossing, the silhouette is based off a standard issue combat boot designed for durability for off field conditions. The shoes were debuted during market week in New York in conjunction with Staple’s Reed Space and Nylon TV.


To commemorate their Asia 2013 tour, Linkin Park teamed up with A Bathing Ape to design three limited edition tees. Two of the tees feature the signature BAPE camo while the other features a BAPE MILO rendition of Linkin Park band members. In celebration of the release, a meet and greet event was held at the BAPE store in Shibuya. The tees were only available through purchase at A Bathing Ape retail stores.

Mike Shinoda x MINDstyle

As part of Disney's Mad Hatter Project, Mike Shinoda collaborated with MINDstyle to create a the "Alice" figurine. Sculpted by Dave Cortes from Inu Art Studio, “Alice” is a hybrid between Oyakodon, a painting from Shinoda's Glorious Excess Dies JACC art exhibition and the all-time Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland.

LINKIN PARK x Good Smile

Linkin Park worked with Good Smile to create a Nendoroid Petite figure set. Detail was given to each band member's unique characteristics, facial expressions and instruments. Each figure comes with a stage pedestal and individual clear plastic stands.

LINKIN PARK x Good Smile x Bearbrick

To raise funds for A Thousand Horizons, a concert by Music for Relief in response to the Japan earthquake, Linkin Park collaborated with Goodsmile to create a limited edition Bearbrick. This Bearbrick figure was only available at the concert and via Good Smile’s website. The Bearbrick features album artwork by Josh Vanover, the artist commissioned for A Thousand Suns album artwork.

LINKIN PARK x Good Smile x 3A

Linkin Park collaborated with GoodSmile and 3A to release a special edition of the WWRp Bramble MK2 Gatling 1/12 scale figure. The figure is made of soft vinyl, entirely posable with articulated fingers and joints. It measures approximately 7"/180mm in height.


In tandem of A Thousands Suns album release, Linkin Park teamed up with Bandai to release a limited edition HGUC Gundam GP01Fb. The box set contains a Gundam figure baring A Thousand Suns artwork and a copy of the album.

Mike Shinoda x DC SHOES - Xander White

Mike Shinoda and DC revisited the Xander model in a new color way. The leather upper contains geometric Japanese patterns, Kanji characters on the inner side panels that translate to "limited merchandise.” The shoe comes packaged in a custom DC shoe box containing Shinoda's artwork as well as a perfect bound book containing artwork and photography. All proceeds from this shoe was donated to Shinoda’s scholarship at Art Center College of Design, his alma mater.

Mike Shinoda x DC SHOES x SURU - Xander

As part of DC's Remix Series, Mike Shinoda, DC, and SURU, a store owned by Joe Hahn, created a new color away that was released exclusively at the LA-based retailer. To commemorate the release, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn held a special signing. Only 500 shoes were made.

Mike Shinoda x DC SHOES - MSDC Pride 2.0 (Remix Series)

To accompany Mike Shinoda’s “Glorious Excess (Dies)” art exhibit, DC partnered with Shinoda on the MSDC Pride and Xander models featuring “Glorious Excess (Dies)” artwork, Japanese imagery and various characters. Details include Shinoda’s artwork on shoe box, booklet and shoe gum insole. All proceeds from this shoe was donated to Shinoda’s scholarship at Art Center College of Design, his alma mater.

Mike Shinoda x DC SHOES - MSDC Pride/Xander (Remix Series)

DC partnered with Shinoda on the MSDC Pride and Xander models featuring Mike Shinoda’s artwork. The leather upper contains laser etched illustrations, Kanji characters on inner side panels that translate to "limited merchandise.” The shoe comes packaged in a custom DC shoe box containing Shinoda's artwork. All proceeds from this shoe was donated to Shinoda’s scholarship at Art Center College of Design, his alma mater.

Mike Shinoda x DC SHOES - Clientele (Remix Series)

For DC’s Remix Series, Mike Shinoda chose new colors and materials to create his own version of DC’s Clientele shoe. All original art on the box, hang tag, and insole was created by Shinoda by hand. All proceeds from this shoe was donated to Shinoda’s scholarship at Art Center College of Design, his alma mater.


For DC's Double Label Projects, Linkin Park worked with DC to create the LP Axel, a special edition skate shoe that contained artwork from the band. The color of the leather, hang tags and box were selected and customized by the band. The shoe contains an extremely durable leather upper, dual lace holes to allow for custom lacing, lined with a soft tricot, and has a abrasion-resistant gum rubber cup sole. The DC trademarked pattern is stamped on the sole, providing grip and wear resistance.