Tue, December 27, 2016 at 6:35 PMRebecca Passero
Rebecca Passero

Welcome to my page! :)

A lot of craziness has happened this year.. bad at first but then it turned into something really beautiful.  My name is Rebecca, but my family and friends call me Becky.  My dream is to become an art therapist one day.  I've always wanted to help those who are struggling and have been where I've been.  I also love making art.. I love to paint (especially with acrylic paint) and I love to write.  I believe I am quite a unique person.. unlike any other.  I've been through hell and back, but by being brave and keeping the faith.. I am now stronger than ever before.  I plan on sharing my artwork and poems and such with all of you.. So stay tuned!

Lots of Love