Poem by me: ~Earth~
Tue, December 27, 2016 at 7:22 PMRebecca Passero
Rebecca Passero

A Broken Home

I am  the ground in which the youth tilts its heads down
Shooting pain from the sun's rays
Hearts hit one by one
Why do, streaks of fiery blood choose to stay,
Swarming and suffocating 
Wrenching my bones?

Once I was embraced with grace of frozen sheets
But now they're slipping away, 
Gliding out of my existence
Into the haze, 
Rising and rising
This disaster of today,
Breakage of falling leaves forming my soul

This is what you made of me,
Beat up and left in the dust,
Bruised where once life circled through my thin roots

Nothing but time 
Slowly fading away
Can you blink and look me in the eye?
Save me now from these vast waves of gloom
Before I turn away with one last shadow of a blink