Finally....less than two months away from membership renewal...
Wed, January 25, 2017 at 2:41 AMEve Chapman
Eve Chapman

I know its been a long while since I've posted anything on the Underground pages. For whatever reason every single time I attempted to log in it would tell me I was signed in and take me to the store, or portal but would not let me onto my own account pages. So much has happened since 2014 but one thing that hasn't changed is my love for this band the LPSoldiers I've met in the last nearly 3 years of being a member here. My goal for this year is to convince them to come to the East Coast of Canada, so that I can once more make the trip to see them in concert, and with any luck a Meet & Greet will be in the stars. I wish everyone here well. Have an amazing 2017 everyone. Maybe we'll even cross paths one day.  I hope to hear back from all of my friends here. Its been too long. Peace out ~Eve