#HeavyLP Connections
Fri, February 17, 2017 at 5:56 AMLawrence Poh Yi Long
Lawrence Poh Yi Long

Hey LPU,

It's been so long I last posted, but I'm back!

#HeavyLP just got released not long ago!

Would like to share my view of the song, some felt the lyrics isn't strong, but that's not the case for someone who went through tiring things in life. For instance, my dad almost got killed, my mum just had her surgery and life isn't as easy as before with the economy being more and more demanding. Everything seems heavier in life nowadays and sometimes the load being inserted in our life exceed our limits. As this is a social platform, I can't really share the worst I have been through as it's personal.

I personally loves this song and I hope it relates to you as much as it relates to my life. And remember to pre-order #ONEMORELIGHT at!