How much Linkin Park means to me
Sat, February 25, 2017 at 4:41 AMLP_Diggle

Hey guys finally back on LPU since my 14 membership ran out. Didn't have a job then cause i had school so i couldn't pay for it but now i finally got a job and with my first payday i got the LPU 16 bundle! and i can't wait for One More Light.

I read alot of the comments on the Heavy video and i understand peoples criticism but it seems a bit too harsh for people to label LP as "sellouts". Linkin Park has not sold out, they have evolved. I remember Mike saying "when you go to a Linkin Park concert, You're gonna get a mix of everything" Linkin Park has constantly said they like trying new things with their music and they don't like being labeled into one genre which is why the band has been so fresh and original for me since the first day i listened to them. I like what Linkin Park has tried in the past and i certainly like what they've done with the Heavy single.

I just wanna show my appreciation for the band and for all they have done throughout their 20+ year career, They have changed my life so much

I look forward to seeing what the new record sounds like when it finally drops in May and i hope that can make back to NZ this time around for their album tour. Keep that ankle safe this time Chester :D


Brannon Haines