Not Happy At All Wil the Presale Method
Tue, May 9, 2017 at 7:48 PMCasey Navarre
Casey Navarre

I must say, I have been a LPUnderground member since the first or second LPU. I have always done this not only because I enjoy seeing what the band does behind the scenes in making their albums and music but also because it has perks like PreSales to Concert Tickets. This time around however I am very dissapointted. I join year after year because I like the ability to get tickets ahead of everyone else, seeing as I've seen them every time they have come to Detroit or the surround areas and even in New Jersey when LP finally played again in the US. I however did not join to get the chance to jump in line early in order to get presale tickets. The fact that I am a LPU member should be enough and this new method of having to register for presales makes me think twice about staying a member of the LPUnderground. Sad because I always have been a member, but if it is not realized how horrible this past Presale Process was, especially for Die Hard LP Fans, then something needs to drastically change.