Who am i?
Wed, May 10, 2017 at 10:24 AMMelanie Meyn
Melanie Meyn

Hello Everybody! 

Im Mieke and a german girl from Hamburg. I´m now 30 years old ( Oh gosh where is the time?) and a wifey and mommy. My boy born 2014 namend Alexander is my proud, my love, my everything.

Linkin Park are always in my heart and i guess it never changed.
m a fan since the beginning. Linkin Park was also always a part in my life and all the music are the soundtrack of it.May sounds a bit silly but its the truth.

 I mean yes Lp changend but we all changend either. So thats why havent a problem that Lp, sounds not like the beginning. Hybrid Therory was a great Album but we all grow up also Linkin Parks music.

I met Linkin park 2003 near the tourbus in Hamburg i will never forget this moment. It was a real Band/Fan thing. Thats what it made special for me, all the years. M&G from LPU are great but not the same. It freaks me out your not allowed to take picture with them.... Silly so....