I love my Job!

After all the emotions of the past May 11 concert of LINKIN PARK in LIMA// Today at work,  I asked the manager , why don't you put some LP music? for the lobby of the hotel? , she said:  are you kidding me? , I said: not i'm serious , trust me they will enjoy it !! .. she said: 'ok just wait  a moment' BUT if somebody complains , there wiLl be a memorandum for you.......few minutes later .. I was little scared for reactions of my guests  but, SURPRISE !!!!! our  guests where shaking their heads!! lml , most of them ADULTS !!!  (40 to 65) , my manager told me: you where right!!  , so since now we gonna listen for minutes at work some LP music.
I  told her on may 19 !! LP will launch new album!! I will bring it to you!!.

Have a nice day !!