Always in my heart Chaz
Sat, August 5, 2017 at 2:20 PMVojtěch Kalus
Vojtěch Kalus

I just cant stop thinking about Chester is gone... I really want go back in time to June, when I had to opportunity met LP personally. But it was so fast and intense action... It was hardly to remember this moment with details, but it was one of the best day ever. But a month later changed everything :(

 I have never thought I will miss somebody, who isnt in my family or friendzone. But Linkin park is like a family for me. LP were and always will be my the most favorite music band. I listen them from +/- 2006. Their song always lead me during all life situations. In last years I was used to listen them almost daily. But now its so hard, when it reminds me Chester. I just dont know, how should I deal with that lost. God, I just miss him so much! I hope you are on better place now, where we all will meet one time.