Returning was the right thing to do.

Although I've been a fan since the Hybrid era, it wasn't until 2007 when I first became a member of LPU when it was still more of a traditional fan club. Being in the UK ordering goods by post wasn't cheap, and when life and family got in the way, I was forced to make financial cutbacks and my gigging days and music life, were put on hold. When I once again became a solo adventurer, I got a sudden but profound urge for a Chester fix and I returned to the live circuit. I loved seeing them all again in Birmingham (UK) and the gig was quite simply 'off the scale'. A gig I will remember always. 

I returned to the venue of Chester's last gig for the memorial to him, I had to be there. I really needed to go back, even though there was a closer one to my home. I stayed all day and evening and it was so beautiful. We arrived as strangers, lost and broken. We cried, comforted, sang, cried again and showed nothing but love towards each other. I arrived alone but was greeted with such warmth and compassion that Chester would be so proud of. I know he was with us that day, watching over and touching our hearts over and over again. On this day not just friendships were made, great bonds were forged, regardless of background, age, race, sex or and other discriminatory issue. We all has one thing in common, a beautiful beautiful man, inside and out, and of course his besties. It would transpire that this same day, he would be laid to rest by his family and close friends. A coincidence that seemed fitting somehow. The next day I returned to the venue to sit quietly, with one of my new friends, and with Chester. I felt different, I had changed somehow, I had grown. I felt such peace and warmth inside my heart, I carry that feeling with me always, for that feeling is Chester's love, and that helps me though each day.

I rejoined the LPU today, August 11th, and that too was the right thing for me to do. Just as I had to return to the venue of his last gig, I also had to return to the LPU inner 'family'. It is important to me to send a clear message that, although I support the band in what ever the decide for the future, I personally want the band to continue, as I believe Chester would have wanted. I also want to help support an income for his family by ensuring the music royalties continue from having his songs played and performed. Chester gave us all so much, and by standing by in support for his family and band mates, helping them well into the future, is a small price I'd gladly pay. I choose to honour and respect his memory by doing my very small and humble bit to help look after those he loved. I will also continue to live my life as he would wish, with compassion and love. 

My final wish is for a memorial tour to celebrate and honour Chester. To have him sing on the big screens while the band perform, with or without any other singer(s), that way he is acknowledged as being very much a part of the show. We can then sing our loudest and 'rock it out' for Chester, and show the rest of the band how much we love them too . #MuchLove #ItsNiceToBeNice xx