Kinda odd moment
Tue, August 15, 2017 at 12:12 AMSabrina phillips
Sabrina phillips

I leave tomorrow to head for Orlando for the Chester memorial, today i have been crying, just now i was sitting at my computer watching old videos of Chester and i got emotional and put my head down on the desk into my folded arms. Then my roommate comes home, next thing i know i feel a tap on my arm, i look's my roommate, in his hand is a package for me. I knew right away what it was, it was the Linkin Park shirt i ordered previously, I immediately felt better, the arrival date said it could take til September for me to receive. I had accepted i wasn't going to have it for my Orlando trip. But it came in last minute as i had given up hope. I am not religious. I am agnostic, but i really want to believe there is something after this life. I had to see LP for the first time ever even though i have been a fan since day 1, i even predicted their huge success. I would like to believe in the afterlife, if i did...i would like to think maybe that was a little moment from Chester comforting me.