July 20th - Aug 20th One Month already
Fri, August 18, 2017 at 1:22 PMJasmine Gonzalez
Jasmine Gonzalez

When I found out what happened, I refused to believe it. I had hopes it was a stupid hoax. Then Mike confirmed it. Did I cry? Yes, was I upset of course. I went into the bathroom washed my face with cold water and just stared at my reflection. Right then and there, I felt selfish. I did not know him personally but it still hurt. Then I imagined what his wife must be going through. That pain of knowing the love of your life is gone. Knowing, she has to be strong for their family. Right then my tears stopped. I started to think, why? It sucks. 

Whatever it was that tore at his soul, he hid it well. To Talinda, Samantha, Jamie, Draven, Tyler and the rest of the Bennington clan, I am truely sorry for your loss. To the rest of the guys in Linkin Park, I know the pain of losing someone so sudden, its an unbearable pain. My deepest condolences. To my fellow LPU'ers and LPST members, we gotta remember the music, the many times we attended shows and how alive we felt. Remember that behind the smiles of others, there is a deep pain that flows. Remember Chester for being a husband, father and someone we love. You will be missed man. I am fortunate that I attended that show at GCT. He was all smiles and extremely grateful for the response. 💔💔💔💔💔💔😩😖😭