my december . . . .
Thu, August 24, 2017 at 2:33 PMWanda Lau
Wanda Lau

- will be in july now. : , , ( 

At 1am late last night I laid down to try to sleep.     

 "My December" started playing in my head (from memory). 

I started thinking that I will never see him again, 

(maybe not even up there if I get to go there).  

Never get to see him sing again. Never get to hear his voice , or see him doing his funny things-

 (that made us all laugh). 

 I'll never get to meet him. Just those thoughts made me so upset.  As I sit here now, the next day, listening to my december.  I feel the same.   I would. . give all my possessions away . . everything. .sit in an empty apt just to have him walk through my door  -   alive. : , , (   

The loss of him is not something I will ever truly get over. He gave us so much.       For the future. . we will all carry on bc we have to. LP is my only band (-I listen to. )  I love and care about the rest of them and what happens now.   I will continue my support for them and see them if/ when they play again.   God bless all of you out there.