For you guys (Linkin Park).
Wed, August 30, 2017 at 3:04 PMWanda Lau
Wanda Lau

I just wanted to let you guys  know that I/ We- love & care about all of you.*   We have not forgotten. .  (How could we forget the most awesomest band ever). :-D lol Yes-I'm trying to being a smile to your faces, but it is true. You guys are the best**.   We members/ fans are very blessed* to have all of you . You are all so Very talented, smart, funny, awesome men.  You are "my only " * band.* . I love you guys. 

If you need a friend to lean on, our shoulders are here. . If you need an ear to listen, we are here. . When you need a hug, our arms are open & support are here always. If you need a laugh, I'm sure we won't mind being silly to cheer up (Linkin Park) 

:-D Lol

I look forward to hopefully seeing you guys again.  With all my love. 


Wanda Lau