First post ever in my life
Tue, October 17, 2017 at 6:46 AMjanbockelson

hey humans,

and there can be no more worthful reason to do so. I'm a fifty year old human from germany. Fan since 1998 or 1999 when I heard first time fractions of "Demo tape". My direction was clear.... You normaly only have one wife in life until dead devide.  My musical wife: Xero (Linkin Park). I also had been marrid until 2014 without worsest case, three wonderfull kids, now 24, 22, 17 years old. The women, now I know, wasn't it worth. So I had to push breaks immediately. The kids had been the victims our duration. I havn't seen it over their years. Heartbrocken! This is my huge job-site. Mental and physical health had been running on empty. Got help in hospital. Thanks to those humans, great job and "I DO". Over our time we "never had enough money", wife said. I worked often about 12 -15 hours the day, not enough time in rest for kids and their growing up. Kids without pocket money, cheap clothes and so on... So I also had no money for discs or concerts. Kids got priority. Only HT I bought. My gold nuget! Since www got more public and faster, I became a owner of more Linkin Park songs. Rock am Ring 2014 I couldn't visit because of hospital. W.A.F!! Now I have enough money for the kids, me, Linkin Park and of course for other usefull things. So I decided to visit their next concert in germany. The day is comming: 25.06.2017 Southside Festival. Unfortunately I got mental problems again and wasn't able to visit it. I thought.....doesn't matter, take a look at live capture on TV channel, there will be a next first time.......................

Everybody who has seen any of these concerts live or on TV knows it was his saying goodby for europe. The fucking hightime of his illness, he owned it. Nowbody has seen and perceived the signs. Germany, Italy... all same character.
But this is not the end of my story. Let me tell you.

I was born on 20.07.1967. What the fuck is this??? The day chester decided to leave this place for a may better site to live in rest was my 50. birthday. Think I don't have to explain what was the rest of day like and what it will be for me forever.

In a small honor to this wonderful, characteristical...... and so on human, father, husband, I bought the Reanimation DVD, extracted eache song in 5.1 "flac" sound. Also extracted the four videos in 5.1 "mp4". The link to it, goes like this:

As a last word I wanna say:

All my prayers and whishes goes to his wife, kids and the rest of his family, including LP. Hope they can live in their old home of their roots, where many of their wonderful memories but also that horrible one happened. Especially that privat sleeping room. And they got all force they need to manage this dificult, horrible lifetime. I'm sure, the lifestyle chester lived as an example for everyone, his youngest and fragilest members of his pack are pefectly prepared for the rest of life and they get respectful humans for this wonderful blue planet. The "I DO" is inner them. Great job mister Bennington!

There will be the day, hope not comming so fast as rest of life went away, but he comes along. We two and many others will meet up our first time and than for never endig time, let's use it as possible and jam up together!!

Best regards for everyone

God bless you all

Allways stay tuned and have a look at YOUR footprint, my kids, their and many many others will thank YOU very very much!!