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Wed, November 22, 2017 at 5:05 PMBrittany James
Brittany James

Hello everyone, 

I joined LPU through the Linkin Park app, so I thought! It charged me $10 to my credit card and everything. It showed up as a subscription on my Google Play. Then when I went onto Linkin Park Underground, the website, it said I was only a account member and not part of LPU.

So I just had to cancel my subscription that would have charged me $10 every year, without realizing I wasn't actually apart of LPU, and buy the LPU membership through the site. 

When I went to look for FAQs or someone I could email about the ripoff, they said the site is no longer available or may have never existed. 

I know it's only $10 lost, but it's frustrating that it happened. Glad I figured it out.