Chester's ex-wife's greed.
Wed, December 27, 2017 at 5:48 PMWanda Lau
Wanda Lau

Even though "A place for my head" was written by the original 5 members of LP, before Chester joined- it sure does fit Samantha now since she's getting SERIOUSLY GREEDY.     She waited until Chester is gone-  starts "claiming" that he owes her child sppt. 

Not only is she trying to take $ from his babies, $ other children & widow-- but she is also demanding to get any future money royalties from his music etc.   I PRAY TO GOD THE COURTS SENT HER !!  She's just  a sad, jealous ex who's not getting the attention she wants so she's going to try to do whatever she can to get it. She's a low scum of life! 

I pray God changes her.