Sun, January 21, 2018 at 11:22 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018


Is that people forget themselves,

And become someone or something else;

They lose their identity,

Their talents, their authenticity,

Then are submerged by sickness,

And sink in self-abandonment;

I could have follow the habit,

Let illnesses take me,

Let my life fades until its end;

But that was not my choice,

I wanted to get up,

Listen to myself and heal,

Just find back my identity;

I am not better than anyone,

I simply decided to take back those pieces of me that had been hardly devastated;

I believe everyone can do it,

But I imagine it is a question of self-love and personal will;

That's why, in a way,

I have infinite compassion for everyone's sufferance;

 I've been through it and know the pain of the road...