Sincere Gratitude
Sun, March 25, 2018 at 12:34 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

Sincere Greetings to You,

I Needed to Share the Words I Felt this Morning, March 25th, After 7 Years of Hard Personal Battles.

I Would Deeply Loved to Reach You, What You Do and All You Did, Long Before. I've Been Filled With Shame For This, but Had to Forgive Myself to Completely Heal...

I've Shared a Part of My History Years Ago, Mixed With Poems and Words That Sometimes made No Sens, On the Road of Finding Myself Back.

I Found a Strenght Inside of Me I thought I Never Had, by The Way I Grew Up, Rejected, Bullied by The Ones Who Lived With Me. 

I Got Sick All Life Long, but It Got Worst at Age 19, When I couldn't Walk Anymore. The Pain Was Horrible, I Wanted My Life to End, Felt simply Stuck in My Own Body. Sometimes, I Couldn't Even Move Anymore... Medicine Told Me They Couldn't Do Anything More, After All The Medication I Took and The One Last They Offered Me. But At That Time, I Gave Life to Two Wonderful Children, And I Didn't Want to Abandon Them. That's When I decided to Fight and Give Anything I Had, at Any Price, To get Back Up Again.

Linkin Park, Their Work, Their Words, Especially Chester's Voice and Emotions was a Huge Part of My Healing. It Was The First Time of My Life I Screamed and Truly Expressed What I Felt Since The Beginning of My Life. He Helped me Get Rid of Everything That Wasn't Mine, and Take Back my Identity. I Worked Very Hard to Get Where I am Now, And Sickness isn't Part of my Life Anymore.

But I must Live in Quietness, In the Peace of the Forest, Raising my Children on my Own, by Letting Them Free to be Who They Are, And Listen to LP  Music to Center Myself and Wash Away what Isn't Mine.

I Felt the Need to Share This to You, Wherever You Are, and Needed to Express my Deep Gratitude and Care For What He Did and What You all Did and Do.

My Path and Their Work made Me Understand This: «Everything is Possible, Everything.»

Love and Respect,