Being Yourself Without Any Fear
Fri, March 30, 2018 at 12:42 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

As Spring Makes Its Way Slowly, 

The Sun Clearly Spreads Its Warmth and Light on Us All;

The Road I Made Wasn't For Nothing,

The Healing I Worked On For so Many Years Wasn't Either For Nothing;

The Ancient Knowledge I Found Back In Me,

Is Laying Down In You Too;

The Ground I Learned To Know and Cover With Gratitude,

Will Welcome You Without Any Judgements;

Walk Your Truth With Pride and Humility,

Breathe Your Values With Graciousness;

You Are Precious To The World,

In all Your Authenticity;

If My Road Down Can Help Yours,

I'll Be There With Care and Softness;

I Know Sickness, 

I Know Sufferance,

I Know Criticisms,

I Know War,

I Know Rejection;

I've Been Broken at The Core,

And Came Back To Give What the World Lacks Increasingly;

Humanity, Compassion, Love, Freedom,

Welcoming Presence;

With Your Past, Your Wounds,

All Your Emotions;

Because I Know,

Under All Of This, 

There Is a Heart,

Linked With All The Other Hearts;

May You Have the Courage,

To Welcome Every Part of You,

As a Gift to Yourself First,

And So, To the Whole World.