Finding Myself Back
Sat, March 31, 2018 at 2:17 AMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

As I Walked Life,

Years after Years;

I Never Really Knew Who I was,

Losing Myself in Others' Story;

Losing My Mind in a Collective Conscience,

Where Roles are Given, And Identity is Lost;

A Veil Grew Behind my Eyes,

Making Me Lose Connection With my Insides;

Spending My Days Healing Instead of Living,

Splitting my Heart in Thousands Of Pieces;

Drawing Stars In My Head,

Instead of Feeling Those Deep Down in Myself;

However, I Hold Everything I Am,

Each Breathe Brings Me Back to My Truth;

Feelings Make Me Who I Am,

Leading Me To The Path I Am Meant to Live;

Now Comes the Time Where I Cannot Give Up on Me Anymore,

Now Is the Time To Feel The Earth Under My Feet Again,

And Let Go Of Everything That Is Not From Me;

Welcome The Leaves, The Flowers, The Trees As My Closest Companions,

Feel The Air in My Lungs, The Wind on My Skin, The Rain on My Cheeks;

Giving Gratitude To the Gifts Nature Offers Me,

So I Can See the Beauty All Around Me, and In Me;

I Now Live in Symbiosis With Every Life That Surrounds Me,

And Despite All Those Times I Hardly Tried Before,

I Am Giving Myself A Chance To Live In Complete Wholeness;

With Compassion and Self-Love,

I Promise Myself To Never Lose My Truth Anymore,

And Not Let A Part Of Me Get Lost In Someone Else's Heart;

I Am Self-Sufficient In My Emotions,

My Decisions, My Choices, My Inspirations;

The Universe Is in Me,

As It Has Always Been Quietly Guiding Me;

I Am Completely Me and Proud To Be,

And That Is When Life Brings Its Natural Miracles.