Sat, March 31, 2018 at 12:00 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Now can Look at The Moon Again,

Filled With Gratitude and Faith;

I do Not Need to Be Anything,

I Am Already There, Filled with Myself;

I Now Live in Simplicity,

Overjoyed With Birdsongs in The Morning;

I Let Go of All This Pressure,

And Take Responsability of My Own Discomforts;

My Happiness doesn't Depend on Anything or Anyone,

I Don't Need to Scatter my Attention on a Screen Anymore,

And Flooding my Senses With The Pain I've Been Through;

I Learned That My Power is in The Full Presence of Who I am,

So I Give Up on My Past, and Completely Live in The Moment;

And This is When The Whole Universe Answers in Quietness;

I Welcome My Vulnerability and my Sensitivity,

Knowing They Are my Biggest Strenght;

I Welcome the Peace and the Silence of Existence,

Leading me Back to my Intuition;

I Now Write Words for My Own Understanding,

Knowing they Will Bring me To my Truth,

Reaching the Wellness I've Always Needed;

From Now to June,

I Take Time With Myself,

Learning Back How to Walk Again,

Guided by my Inner Compass.