Mon, April 2, 2018 at 3:33 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Do Not Follow,

Because It'll Take too Much Out of Me;

I Do Not Lead,

Because It'll Take Something Out of You;

I Simply Walk My Truth,

Carrying the Values That Make Me Who I am;

I Am Not Meant to be Seen on a Screen,

Neither to be Seen Everywhere,

My Presence is Felt in Reality;

Nature is My Home,

And I Need to Get Close to It Daily;

The Most Beautiful Thing I can See,

Is You Being Completely Yourself,

Without Changing Anything to Please Something or Someone;

It is You Assuming Entirely Your Personality;

Sometimes You Fall,

Sometimes You Rage;

Sometimes You Cry,

Sometimes You Laugh;

Sometimes You Need to Scream,

Sometimes You Need to be Silent;

This is All Part of Who You Are;

And What You Need to Be in The Moment;

Life is Always Changing,

But Takes Place in Softness the More You Are True to Yourself;

Nothing and Nobody on the Outside,

Can Reach the Truth You Hold Inside;

It Takes Courage and Will To Get There,

But Believing in You is The Best Gift You Can Ever Give to Yourself.