Being Me
Mon, April 2, 2018 at 8:33 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

The Road I Made,

To Find my Origin as A Woman;

Was Paved with Hard Challenges,

As I Faced My Biggest Fears, and my Biggest Pains;

I Gave Up on Everything I Knew,

And Welcomed my Inner Guidance as The Only «Voice» I Would Listen;

I Found Back the Strenght I Thought I never Had,

And Leaned on The Inner Power all Women Hold Inside Her;

By Connecting to This Ancient Wisdom,

I Got Rid Of Every Definitions, Links, Stories and Histories,

As a Lot Of Other Precious Women Are Doing around the World Too;

As a Reflection of Nature, in My Country,

We Carry the Four Seasons Inside of Us;

They Guide Us Through Life,

And Current Problems We Meet in Today's Society;

We Know We all Have Difficulties, Struggles, Wounds,

But They don't Make Us Who We are;

There Is Someone Under all of This,

And This Is What We Always See and Feel;

We Walk For Women and Their Natural Life Cycle,

As We Go Forwards in Our Path,

We Take Hands for a While, and Then Let Them Go so They Can Find Their own Answers;

We Will Never Give any Advice,

Neither Encourage in a Certain Way;

We Only Wish Everyone Can Find Their Intuition,

And Sincerely Trust Themselves;

When We Stay Closely Connected To Our Insides,

Life Opens Up With Gratitude, and Brings Us to Nature and Everyone Who is Connected To Her;

Now, After These Hard Years of Work,

I Have to Rest,

And Welcome Every Woman I Meet in all Their Complete Beauty;

I Will Never Be a Public Personality,

As My Wellness And My Health Depend on Peace and Calm Living;

May The Flowers and The Sun Surround You,

Flood Your Lives With Beauty and Warmth,

And Fill Your Hearts With Lightness.