Tue, April 3, 2018 at 7:47 AMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

Each Word, Each Move,

Has an Impact in the World;

Before Saying or Doing a Thing,

Its Importance Must be Felt,

Knowing the Future is Built in the Now;

Tongues as much as Hands,

Make a Difference;

What is Best to Be Left to Children?

Does War Still is an Option Or Focusing on The Good Must Be The Positive Reaction to Take?

Are We Warriors or Bearers of Hope?

We Are Not Separated From What We say,

Neither From What We do;

We Hold a Strenght Inside,

And It is Up To Us Individually to Use it For Good;

Why Not Find What's Left of Life,

And Makes it Grow?

Life Will Respond to Us,

In The Way we See, Feel, Talk and Act;

There is No Black Or White,

There is What We Truly See With Eyes Wide Open;

Aligning Words With Actions,

Have the Courage to Let Go Of Rage,

Let the Tears Fall to Let go Of the Pressure;

Knowing Our Only Presence Makes Truly an enormous Difference.