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Tue, April 3, 2018 at 8:40 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Cannot Answer or Receive Any Comment Anymore;

I've Received Thousands of Judgments Like Arrows in My Heart,

And I've Been Hurted Too Much By Being Simply Myself;

There is No Logic, No Explanation in Who I Am,

Neither Any Room For Negativity Anymore;

I See and Feel Things on The Inside,

This is A Gift We All Can Reach With Recognition of Ourselves;

I Do Not Have To Justify My Inspirations,

Neither Do I Deserve Floods of Criticisms;

If Each and Every One Could Give Themselves a Second Chance,

By Welcoming Their Needs and Their Values,

No One Would Have Time and Will to Examine and Analyze Others;

We All Want The Same Thing;

Respect, Love, Compassion;

No One Would Ever Want to Read or Hear Bad Things,

We All Deeply Need Freedom To Be Who We Are;

May Everyone Find What They Are Looking For in Themselves,

And Be Proud Of Their Life;

So Eyes Will Be Turned on Inside,

And No Longer Outside and Around Them.