Morning Sun
Thu, April 5, 2018 at 1:07 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I do Not Demand or Invoke Anymore,

I Let Fade The Voice, the Sounds in My Head;

Breathing In, Breathing Out,

My Inspirations Rise From Below,

As A Flower Growing Through Concrete;

I Am Like The Morning Sun,

Slowly Discovering The Warmth And The Light I Am;

I Do Not Let Distractions Interrupt Me,

I Find The Strenght And The Will To Give Myself Every Possibility To Bloom From Within;

I Do Not Believe In Illnesses,

Neither in Fatalities;

My Pain And My Wounds,

Are Messages I Ignored With Time;

I Welcome With Compassion Every Part of Me,

Knowing I Am Not Separated From My Sufferances;

I Do Not Hang On Definitions,

Neither Theories or Laws Already Existing;

I Listen to Myself Deeply,

Letting Thoughts Fade in  Serenity;

I Let Fears and Doubts Go,

Recognizing The Importance I Have for Me and For The World;

People May be Hurted By The Person I Am Becoming,

But I Know I Am Not Responsible For the Reactions Around;

It May Only Inspire Them To Grow;

I Slowly Get Away From Devices,

Connecting to Each Piece of Nature I Cross on My Way,

Connecting to My Origin.