Fri, April 6, 2018 at 12:52 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I am Not In A Hurry Anymore,

I Know There Is No Time Living by My Instinct;

I Gradually Get Away From Chemicals,

Understanding it Interferes With What I Own Inside;

I Deeply Care For What I Eat,

What I Drink, How I Sleep,

I am In Symbiosis With Natural Lights of Nature;

As A Woman, 

I Do Not Smother My Natural Cycle Anymore,

I Am A Reflection of The Moon,

Going Through Phases Which Guide Me To My True Self;

I Am a Life Giver,

What My Rhythm Teaches Me,

Is Meant to be Shared With the Community,

I Do Not Push Myself Anymore,

Neither Force Myself To Be Who I Am Not;

As A Man,

I Concentrate my Strenght and My Potentials From The Inside,

Living by The Sunlight,

I Am a Life Protector,

Working To Let Things Grow,

Defending What's Caring for The Earth;

I Know I am Tenacious and Powerful,

By Staying Humble, I Use My Force With Consciousness,

Focusing on What's Vital For Generations to Come;

I Now Live in Harmony With Who I am,

Not Resisting, Not Changing my Truth;

Infinitely Grateful For The Earth,

That Gave Me This Opportunity To Walk With Her.