Inner Seasons
Sat, April 7, 2018 at 10:09 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Do Not Want You To Need Me,

If So, I Will Walk Away;

I Follow My Intuitions,

I Am a Reflection of The Seasons;

I Am Always Changing,

Going With The Flow Of Life;

It Is Not Because I Do Not Like You,

It Is Because I Must Stay Close To My Instinct;

The Rhythm of The Clock Hurts Me,

I Must Follow My Inner Rhythm;

I Do Not Want You To Stick To Me,

I Will Feel Stuck and Forced To You;

I Need To Be Free,

Without Any Explanations;

I Do Not Think Life,

I Feel Life;

I Do Not Ask or Request,

It Will Interrupt The Natural Course of Existence;

I Receive Arms Open,

What Life Brings Me;

The Rivers Flow Through My Veins,

The Moon Guides My Moods,

The Sun Warms My Entire Being,

The Rain Washes My Wounds,

I Am In Total Symbiosis With Nature;

I Only Speak If I Have No Other Choice,

Because It is In The Silence That I Find My Best Refuge;

Be Completely Filled With Who You Are,

Unless I'll Feel The Emptiness And Softly Go Away.