Sun, April 8, 2018 at 3:21 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Am Not a Child,

Neither a Princess;

I Am A Woman,

I've Grown Strong by the Pain I've Faced;

I've Been the Punching Bag For So Long,

I Built Myself From the Shots I Took;

I've Been Raised To Pray,

Forced to Walk a Straight Path That Wasn't Mine;

I Forgot Myself,

And What Defined Me;

So I Brought My Attention Out There,

But Then Brought it All Back In Me;

I Fell Down So Many Times,

But Always Got Up;

I Have Nothing to Prove,

Never Had;

I Learned to Love Myself,

And Feed My Own Needs;

Make my Own Choices,

And Assume The Consequences;

I Tried Thousands of Things,

Bled, Fell Continuously on My Knees,

And Got Up Again;

I Never Let Pain Waste My Heart,

Neither Let it Destroy My Hope;

I Am Still Optimistic and Faithful,

Still Filled With Love and Compassion;

And I Still Believe,

Anyone Can Do The Road,

Whatever The Challenges;

Now I Live and Work With and For The Earth,

Both Feet and Hands in The Soil,

I'll Never Give up On Me Anymore,

Never Let Anything Pulls Me Away From my Home.