Sun, April 8, 2018 at 3:47 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

People Saw Me As a Queen,

Others As a Healer,

Others As a Savior;

Some As a Witch,

Or As a Character in a History Because of a Part of My Name;

So I Got Back In My Forest,

Not Wanting These Labels;

I Am a Simple Mother,

Feeling That There is Nothing More Noble Than Raising My Children With Deep Care;

I Homeschooled Them With Courage,

Felt Like a Human Shield,

Taking All The Shots To Let Them Grow in Freedom;

But One Punch Got Me On My Knees Again,

And I Got Weakened for A While;

Sometimes, I Would Have Liked to Give Up,

But My Instinct is Too Strong;

I Still Wear My Values With Confidence,

I Have No Money,

No Concrete Guarantee;

But I Do Believe In Me,

I Do Believe In The Importance of Children's Freedom;

I Walk For No Other Reasons,

Than Nature, Women and Children;

Our Future is Built in The Present,

Their Future Depends on The Risks We Take,

To Give Them The Chance to Exist Without Twisting Their Reality;

I Am Surrounded By Women and Mothers Who Are Exhausted By The Fights Too,

Trying To Take in Charge Their Children Education Too;

Trying To Get Closer to Nature's Teachings;

I Was The One Who Gave Them Hope Last Year,

Carrying The Strenght and The Life Experiences In Me;

So I'll Get Back Up Again,

And Will Bring Myself Back;

I Have One Life,

I Won't Waste it Because of Fears or Talks From The Ones Who Don't Take Themselves in Charge.