Wed, April 11, 2018 at 1:02 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

Women Are Sacred Temples,

With Their Infinite Connection With Nature;

They Hold The Opportunity to Renew Themselves Continuously;

If The Earth Suffers,

So Do Women;

If Women Suffer,

So Does The Earth;

They Carry Stories of Ancestors in Their Cells,

Past Memories, Past Wounds;

By Reconnecting to The Earth and Her Wisdom,

They Access to The Life Cycle;

Dissipating Histories and Mistakes of Past Generations;

They Fusion With The Flow of Life,

Present in All Living Beings and Living Things;

It Isn't About Energy,

It is Life Itself;

Free of Time and Laws;

It Isn't About Thinking or Talking Life,

It is About Living Life;

Each Time a Woman Cries Her Tears,

She Frees The World of Its Weight a Little More;

Then, She Transforms Sadness and Pain,

In Actions, Creations to Restore and Rebuild;

No Woman Would Want War,

No Woman Would Want Her Children to Leave at an Early Age,

No Woman Would Want the Earth to be Destroyed;

An Old Wisdom Says:

«A Woman's Highest Calling is to Lead a Man to His Soul, so He Can Connect to The Source,

A Man's Highest Calling is to Protect Woman, So She Can Walk The Earth Unharmed.»

This Ancient Truth Should Never Be Forgotten.