Wed, April 11, 2018 at 1:16 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

To Feel Welcomed and Loved,

Warmth and Softness are Essentials;

No One Can Feel Comfortable in Their Own Body,

If Roughness Surrounds Them From Every Side;

Walking The Earth,

Taught Me How Flowers Always Renew Even After Being Stepped On;

Being Broken and Shaken,

Often Leads to Anger and Hate;

Survival Has Its Importance for a While,

But Serenity of Life Always Comes After a Storm;

Touching the Ground With Conscience,

Feeling the Grass Under Our Feet,

Seeing Butterflies After Winter and Spring;

Are Precious Examples of How Life Can Always Relive,

Whatever The Circumstances;

Warriors Are Built From Fights,

In The Darkness of War;

Leaving Scars Sometimes Deeply;

But Nature Shows Us How Powerful is Life;

After a Fire, New Buds of Hope Always Grow Through the Ashes;

I Promised Myself,

Despite all The Battles I've Been Through,

Under Each of My Footstep,

Flowers Will Grow;

I Let Winter Pass,

Spring Bringing Its New Hope,

Summer Creating a New Reality;

I Trust Life's Wisdom,

And The Process of Purifying,

What's Left of My Wounds;

I Do Not Judge Myself,

While I May Feel Different Disturbing Emotions;

I May See and Think Things,

I Would Prefer Not to See;

But I Know War Begins on the Inside;

So I Accept Every Part of What I Live,

As a Return to Myself;

Sometimes I'll Lose My Inner Connection,

Sometimes I'll Find It Back;

But I Have Infinite Faith in The Process,

And In What Life Has in Reserve,

To Deeply Thank Me For the Courage I Had To Go Back To My Truth.