Life Gift
Fri, April 13, 2018 at 1:39 AMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Do Not and I Can Not Listen to Anything or Anyone,

Not Because I am Stubborn;

But Because Life Flowing Through Me,

Makes Me See and Feel Things That I Must Care About;

Flourishing From My Depths,

Then Showing to My Mind The Path I Am Taking;

I Must Stay Away From Noises,

And Today's Cacophony;

Unless I Lose My Senses,

And Everything In Me and Around Me Falls Apart;

I Used to See it As a Curse,

But The Moment I Welcomed Who I Was With Full Acceptance;

Life Showed Me How Beautiful Was This Gift I Hold;

I First Thought I Was Alone,

Then I Thought Everyone Was Like Me,

To Finally Simply Feeling It, Not Comparing Anymore;

Sometimes Tears Fall Down,

Then I Surrender To The Earth;

My Cheeks Against My Tree,

Given Up On Everything Else, and Receiving What Will Come;

Then Beauties Comes To Me Silently,

As Two Deers Looking At Me Directly in The Eyes,

Or Butterflies Landing on My Pen While Writing;

Silently, Comforting My Broken Heart,

Tired of Seeing Buildings Growing Instead Of Trees;

Faith Comes Back Again,

The Earth Showing Me There is Still Life Happening;

Encouraging Me To Focus on What's Left,

And Makes it Expand as I Get up Again.