Sat, April 14, 2018 at 3:47 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

I Know How Hard Can Be The Road,

I've Been Through Horrible Challenges,

Gave Up And Completely Surrendered To The Earth;

I Know How, Sometimes, Finding Ourself Can Be Demanding;

I Then Promised Myself To Always Say and Do What I Feel,

Despite Fear and Hesitation, Intuition is Always Right;

When I Am in the Calm of the Night,

In The Silence of my Home in the Forest, 

Inspirations Come in Softness;

Last Night, These Words Came:

I Am There, in Full Presence of Who I Am,

If My Life Experience Can be Useful,

I'll Be There;

If My Compassion, My Understanding, My Wisdom Is Needed,

I'll be There;

If My Welcoming Arms, My Softness, My Authenticity Can Help,

I'll Be There;

What I Love The Most is Seeing and Feeling People,

Happy and Totally Free To Be Who They Are;

I Never Judge Neither Comment Anything,

I Do Not Say Words if They Aren't Meaningful To Me;

Whatever The Reasons, The Needs,

I'll Be There;

I See The Heart,

Not The Wounds,

Not The Masks,

Not The Role;

Feel Free To Reach Me;

I'll Answer With Honor and Grace,

In Discretion with Deep Respect;

I Am Nowhere Else On The Web Than Here For The Moment,

As If I Was Guided To This Moment and Space;

I Let Life Makes Its Work,

By Listening to What She Makes Me Feel;

Infinite Love And Compassion,