Wed, April 25, 2018 at 12:44 PMMarie LP2018
Marie LP2018

Wherever I Go,Who I Meet,

Nature Awakens in People's Heart;

If Like All The Work I Did To Go Down Into Myself,

Was Finally Recognized;

The Earth Lives in Me,

Accompany Me in Each Step I Make,

Discreetly and Gracefully;

I Cannot Make Any Compromise on Who I Am Anymore,

Neither Give Up On Myself For Any Reason;

I Must Stay in Connection With Myself,

To Never Forget The Earth Again;

I Do Not Blame Anyone Anymore,

I Take Responsability of My Words, My Actions, My Feelings, My Health;

I Cannot Do Anything For The Mistakes of The Past Generations,

I Live In The Moment and Change What Needs To Be Changed in Me;

Because I Now Know,

Darkness is a Forgotten Part of Me,

Light is My Own Truth that I Found Back;

I Now Know,

That Nothing is Outside of Me;

And That I Have to Love Myself Enough,

To Reach The Earth and Her Infinite Comfort and Welcoming;

I Do Not Walk For People,

I Walk For The Earth;

She Doesn't Need My Words,

She Needs My Presence;

I Work With and For Her;

I Go To Sleep With The Sunset,

And I Wake Up With The Sunrise;

I Do Not Let Distractions Pulling Me Away From Nature Anymore;

It Isn't Important to Have a Partner Or Not,

I Honor Nature With Deep Gratitude;

All Those Who Walk With Her With Respect,

Are my Partners.