Post Traumatic And Us

Good Day LP Family!

I guess everyone has already got a copy of Mike's Post Traumatic album. Unfortunately for me, I cannot get my hand on physical album yet but thanks to iTunes, I managed to download it and have a go at it. I promise I will get the album once it is available here in Malaysia. 

The song that I can connect well and means so much to me at this moment is Crossing A Line. Seriously, when Chester left us last year... (I lost my wonderful grand aunt just 3 months before that.. )  I was shocked, sad, angry and very very lost in sense that... if you asked any of my friends back here they will always link LP and me together. A friend of mine did say.. that I "Eat LP, Drink LP, Breathe LP and Sleep LP"... 

Anyways... when listening to this new album.. it gives me the re-assurance that the external family of mine... The Linkin Park Family will be ok. We do not know where we are heading to but by just being together and supporting each other...  We can make it through. 

I do not mean to sound corny but; that is just how it is... 

Do you feel the same? If you can relate to what I am saying.. do let me know.. I would love to hear... or in this case... read about what you think of this meaningful album that Mike has come out with. 

Mike Shinoda; Thank you for this. 

Phoenix, Brad, Rob and Mr Hahn; Thank you for continuing the helping each other. 

God Bless!