3 More Days /// #PostTraumaticTour
Sun, August 19, 2018 at 10:46 AMfuyilong

Hey LPU,

The countdown is on! 3 more sleeps and I will be seeing Mike Shinoda live in Singapore after 7 years of waiting.

Past 2 years has been tough for me, fell victim to social bully, got shut down of social life because of some "friends". But I overcome the incident thanks to Mike's guidances. Mike mentioned that we have to be careful on what we clicked on the internet, and we should mute those accounts that tries to inserts negativities to our life.

To be honest, I won't be here if not for Post Traumatic, I always wanted to join Chester you know... But I have to strong and #MakeChesterProud, thanks to the LPU family I made in the past few years, they have been taking care of my health being so far, I am so thankful to be surrounded by them.

I just can't wait to see Mike and thank him for saving me.

I shall end this post with my humble collection that I took for a local M&G contest, thanks for reading!


Regards, Lawrence