LP Singapore and I
Sun, August 19, 2018 at 2:59 PMIzzati Effindi
Izzati Effindi

I've been listening to LP ever since I was 7, and I first discovered LP on YouTube. I was listening to Evanescence, and I saw the recommended section. It was a long list of LP songs. I can still remember clearly, it was Papercut, Crawling, In The End, Somewhere I Belong and Faint. 

Curiosity kills the cat, and I was the cat. I was super curious about Papercut because...WHY NAME A SONG AS PAPERCUT??? So I played it but I couldn't even make it halfway through the song. In all honesty, I was and am still afraid of the music video. So I clicked on Crawling next. I completed the song, and that was when I fell in love with LP. I made Crawling the official first song I heard from LP and the song that made me a Soldier. 

In 2013, I met a bunch of amazing Singaporeans in the fan base. We started a fan account (twitter), @/LPSingapore, so that made all 7 of us the admins. Our content were all boring as hell and full of immature crap because we took the account lightly ((it was just for fun)). 

By 2014, all of us drifted. I still followed 2-3 of them on twitter at that time, but completely lost contact with the rest and yes, the account was inactive as well. However, Chester's passing in 2017 brought us all back together. We recovered the account, changed what is necessary, removed all tweets from 2013 and started fresh. We even planned a Chester Memorial here in Singapore with other LP fans and made it happen.

It did not stop there. Not so long after the memorial, we became the official fan account for WeDemand to get the Post Traumatic Tour in Singapore AND YESSS MIKE IS COMING HERE!! (in 3 days to be exact). LPSingapore is growing so well, so we created an Instagram account as well as a Facebook Page to be connected to as much Singaporean fans as possible. We worked close with Lamc Productions regarding the show here in Singapore; we made a video montage for Mike. 

Seeing how we've grown since 2013 makes me emotional all the time :') I love how LP has this thing that brings fans together. There is just something about them. <3 I hope there's more for us, LPSingapore, to look forward to in the future!  

side note: follow us at @/LPSingapore on Twitter and Instagram! and like us on our FB page, Linkin Park Singapore.