Tue, August 21, 2018 at 7:51 AMKristina Bobrikova
Kristina Bobrikova

Hi there! My name’s Kristina, I’m from Russia. I’ve been a follower of Linkin Park’s music for a long time, since hardcore times, but never actually got to become an LPU member and to see the boys live. Unfortunately… Now that Mike Shinoda is coming to Russia, I finally have an opportunity to do what I thought could never happen anymore, to feel the atmosphere of a Linkin Park show. I know that Mr. Shinoda brings it with him, the spirit of Linkin Park’s music. Mike, from me and the people around me, thank you so much for giving us this chance. I’ll see you both in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and, hopefully, have a chance to talk to you for a minute. So I’ll make it up as I go.