Singapore /// #PostTraumaticTour
Fri, August 24, 2018 at 2:16 PMfuyilong

Hey LPU,

Post Traumatic Tour in Singapore was the best night of my life! This might not be the first time meeting Mike, but it took more than a decade to get a professional photo opportunity with him! Huge thanks to Lorenzo for taking such great photo!


It has been a wonderful and fruitful night, reunited with my LPU family, had my specially designed Singapore flag hung on stage (thanks Lorenzo!), met Lorenzo, met Sabotage and most importantly met the one and only Mike Shinoda!



Had a short conversation with him, apparently he do see fan posts, as I shown him my humble collection, he told me he seen it on his IG! I was so surprised when he said it! His crew member Thrish even asked if I am Lawrence! He then signed and drew a rabbit on the Glorious Excess (Born) art book!


Proceed with the concert with my Sister at the first row! The whole concert is freaking amaze balls! I can’t wait for them to come Asia again! I would definitely travel to catch the shows!

Ended the night with another surprise from LAMC Productions, I won a CD from them past week, but it wasn’t mentioned it was signed! Then his crew member gave me the roll up banner (which by the way cost $80 to $100 to produce)!


Thanks for reading! Cheers!