LPU 18, LP, You and Me

I got excited this morning with the news of LPU 18... However, after only I saw that it was a Basic Collection... My heart sank! It was as though a huge rock hit me so hard that I fell into the ocean and am drowning. I became unsure...uncertain.. but I am pulling myself together (over the hours)... Linkin Park, if you are reading this.... Please do NOT do what my biggest fear would be... Keep in mind that we ... The Linkin Park Family in LPU are always here for you and Make Chester Proud by continuing this legacy. The 5 of you guys can do this.. We will always have your back... 

To  the rest of the LP Family here, I am sure you guys want the same thing to. Let us all join together and bring Linkin Park back to our my case.. would be to my country... We Love You LP... Stay Strong... Keep The Faith!!!

Take care & God Bless.