Where Do I Start?
Thu, November 8, 2018 at 12:22 AMMartha Mendus
Martha Mendus

Now, where did I start?

There’s a place I haven’t visited in years


Even the Sun hasn’t tried to break the surface

We just figured there’s no purpose


It started with the tears

And insincere

Judgment of my peers, they’re standing

Right down the hall


I shared the bed with Insecurity,

At first


No vacancy for Anxiety


The Jealousy was the one

Watching us



I ended up walking away from it all

Slammed the door shut, dead bolt

I’m walking

Right down the hall


I haven’t looked back since I got here

Somewhere over the black clouds


I guess that Silver Lining came through

Ready for when I made it out


So, where did I start?

I guess that it was with

My empty hands

A pocket full of pebbles,

And a rescue message in the sand


I found where I belong

It’s between the mic and the rat race


It’s the reason why the name means

You’re gonna end up at the same place


There’s where I started

I wish I hadn’t ever fell under

This curse


If I had it any other way

I guess it would have had to came first