About the ethernet, meaning the livestyle of a dog.
Fri, November 16, 2018 at 2:07 PMAlexandra Kanobel
Alexandra Kanobel

What is a dog, without a horse,

nothing more, than a Eurasian Blackbird,

without feathers, so to fly to Me,


being the same way, that I can't climb through the air,

to pet Maunzer.

But, if the dog would bark at Maunzer., would the cat "to?" purr,


leaving the dog to his real acclompishment's,

of washing his face each and every day with soap,

Ysop being the real essence of 'dwelling',

in the fountain of youth,

being alive forever in that endless world!

Where's the end of that globe,

and that of the universe?

I don't know . . . , .

By siuis. 16-11-2018. 15:06 p.m. Europe.