December 25th Night Inspiration
Wed, December 26, 2018 at 12:50 AMM 2019
M 2019

May Women Remember Their True Nature;

May You All Know The Wisdom of Your Cycle, Whatever The Judgments or Disregards Around;

Live In Symbiosis With Every Message It Gives You;

Your Body is Your Temple;

You Already Own What You Need, To Be Completely You;

Your Cells Hold The Memories of Natural Healing, Natural Feeding, Natural Living and Natural Compassion;

Dare To Melt Yourself In Nature And Let Go Of Everything You Heard, And Everything You Saw;

Dare To Honor Your Feminine Sensitivities, Your Softness, Your Vulnerability;

Dare To Cry and Discharge The Weight You Carry Inside of You;

You Deserve Your Own Attention;

You Deserve To Care For Yourself;

You Deserve To Live As You Truly Are;

We All Hold The Knowledge of TheĀ Ancient Woman Inside Of Us;

It Is Patiently Waiting;

These Words Were Written With Free Will,

Not Blindly Like I Knew Many Times Before;

May They Carry You, Women, To The Road Of Yours;

Unique And So Needed;

Always Remember That Your Are Not Alone In This Process;

Be Strong In Your Softness and Brave In The Listening Of Your Feelings and Intuitions;

Love And Care For Yourself, More Than Ever.

My Battles Are Done Now,

I Must Return Home.