Merch! (And its disasters)
Wed, January 2, 2019 at 4:18 PMAnona Potts
Anona Potts

I brought the colour changing mug from the store (amongst other things in the black friday sale) I waited forever paid a 25 quid customs charge and finally got it in my hands. I opened it up to find the handle smashed to bits and the whole cup scuffed. I lodged a complaint and another was sent out rather quickly. It arrived today after paying another 13 quid customs charge (that really grinds my gears) but this time its whole! I really wanna test it out but on the same hand this is a really expensive mug so Im gonna play with the broken one first since that ones still capable of holding water (I hope). I know that other people had thiers arrive smashed too so Im hoping that they had better luck this time too!